Pret- I’m sorry but after a break, I don’t think this is working for me.

  Habits blind the eye of judgement. Lockdown has shone a torch beam on habits bred by consumerism before the pandemic. We were over mothered by convenience. Make a sandwich before work? I won’t, I won’t, I won’t. I am too busy and working too hard to make the effort, we moan as we stamp our well-heeled boots. Convenience… Continue reading Pret- I’m sorry but after a break, I don’t think this is working for me.

Quarantine has Transformed us into Angels. Amen.

(1) Quarantine hangovers are not as intense. You no longer have to get up at 6 am to embark on a sticky tube journey to work feeling nauseous in the armpit of a stranger. (2) No drunken mistakes with random men. There is only your housemate on offer and he has seen you at your… Continue reading Quarantine has Transformed us into Angels. Amen.

Dark Botanicals. Chapter One.

Wren released eight silver balloons from her bedroom window; one for every year of her mother’s passing. With an aching sadness she watched them float away into the night sky. With the yearly ritual of remembrance performed she drew the curtains, changed into her nightie, turned on her lava lamp and wriggled into bed. Resting… Continue reading Dark Botanicals. Chapter One.

Joie de vivre- The Quiet Joy of Being Oneself

Different dates can bring out different sides in our personality. On two first dates I’ve been perceived as both sensible and wild. The context that we meet a date plays a huge part in the image we project. If I meet a date for a coffee it’s unlikely that ‘Wild Emma’ will rear her head.… Continue reading Joie de vivre- The Quiet Joy of Being Oneself

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

My friends have the same skill set as members of the Israeli intelligence. When they inspect a case they take it very seriously. Individual inspectors have been appointed throughout the years, whether due to traumatic experiences or as a matter of routine, in order to examine the issues and propose recommendations. Their researching skills are second to… Continue reading Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Single Free Spirits

  Patsy and Eddie from Ab Fab wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun with boyfriends. They’re ridiculous, magnetic characters. Watching their adventures unfold is entertaining and watching developments spiral out of control, seizing the moment is contagious. Their zest for life is infectious and they allow themselves to go wherever the wind blows.   When I… Continue reading Single Free Spirits